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Quality Child Care & Preschool You Can TRUST!

We provide quality childcare in a loving home-environment for children from 18 months to school age. At Angels Nest Child Care & Preschool, children are allowed to be children and families are always a priority. We believe that family involvement is essential to any quality childcare program and do encourage parent participation.

Our program is designed to meet the needs and abilities of each child's physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. The environment is hands-on, educational, and of course, FUN. Our desire is to assist and encourage each child's abilities and skills throughout every stage of their development. Your child will have a safe, clean, healthy place to grow and learn.

Children learn through play. We try to provide many opportunities for them to "discover" things about the world they live in. Children need to be treated as special little individuals with much to share. Each child brings a new and exciting personality to our day care which we try to nurture, help them with socialization skills, and guide them thru each new and exciting day!

We have a playroom with the highest quality educational toys and books.

We have a lot of energy and we are really excited about working with families. We have lots of ideas about how to help children, and we believe in listening closely to what parents want for their children. Our home is clean and my toys are all new.

Our program meets a variety of health ands safety standards that help ensure your child will be safe.

We have convenient hours for parent’s work schedule.

We serve nutritious meals that meet federal quality standards to help your child grow.

We have open door policy for parents.

We have openings for all ages, and look forward to meeting with you.

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